The next Explainer Video Workshop will be in April and May of 2024:
  • Session 1: Wednesday, April 17th, 3pm PT (1 Hour)
  • Session 2: Wednesday, April 24th, 3pm PT (1 Hour)
  • Session 3: Wednesday, May 1st, 3pm PT (1 Hour)
  • Session 4: Wednesday, May 8th, 3pm PT (1 Hour)
  • Session 5: Wednesday, May 22nd, 3pm PT (1 Hour)

"The Explainer Workshop was truly a game-changer for me. Thanks to Lee's guidance, I now feel equipped with the tools and knowledge to craft compelling animated explainer videos that captivate audiences."

Amber Smart, Winter, 2024

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About the Workshop

In five sessions of live, online instruction, you'll learn how to create animated explainer videos using common tools like presentation software and screen recorders.
Lee will be your guide through every aspect of video production, from writing the script to producing the final video. You'll learn explanation and video creation skills that will become part of your professional toolkit.

Meeting Schedule: Spring 2024

Session 1: Wednesday, April 17th, 3 pm PT (1 Hour):

  • Explanation skills
  • How to use generative AI for scripts
  • Writing your script

Session 2: Wednesday, April 24th, 3 pm PT (1 Hour):

  • Review your scripts
  • Moving from words to visuals
  • Creating a thumbnail storyboard

Session 3: Wednesday, May 1st, 3 pm PT(1 Hour):

  • Review storyboards
  • Build your video scene-by-scene
  • Animate visuals
  • Prepare for production

Session 4: Wednesday, May 8th, 3 pm PT (1 Hour):

  • Recording the video and voice-over
  • Editing your video
  • Ideas for sharing

Session 5: Wednesday, May 22nd, 3 pm PT (1 hour)

  • Finishing touches, sharing, captioning
  • Share your videos
  • Discuss use cases

All online workshop sessions will be recorded and distributed to all attendees.

The workshop includes an online workspace with helpful videos, documents, templates, and guides that support Lee's online instruction. Access to the workspace does not expire.

What you'll need:

The production method requires only common tools and equipment. You'll need:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Zoom meeting equipment (headphones/earbuds, microphone)
  • Presentation software (Google Slides, PowerPoint, Keynote)
  • Screen Recorder (I'll share free options)

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From Past Enrollees

"One of my favorite things about this workshop was its hands-on approach. We learned by watching Lee apply tips and ideas during the session, then we applied the concepts to our own explainer videos. Lee provided personalized feedback and kept sessions fun and very interactive. I highly recommend this workshop!"

- Luisa Molina

"Lee introduces the framework in general terms before diving into specific tasks. After explaining the task, Lee zooms out to provide a broader understanding. This consistent pattern occurs during each one-hour session. Lee demonstrates the relationship between storytelling and effectively expressing your message. The lectures are taught with exceptional clarity, reflecting Lee's mission to make things easily understandable, but they leave you wanting more from a master craftsman."

- Anil Menon, Ph.D

"Unlike the book (The Art of Explanation) the workshop puts you on the spot to deliver your explanation. I found that it's the practical aspect of actually doing it that matters. That's what the workshop does. It lays out the process in a nice structure and takes you through the steps, makes sure you are thinking about it in the right way, and presents it in manageable pieces. The workshop was excellent!"

- Clyde Johnson

Lee is an expert explainer and a terrific teacher of his method — he broke down each phase into understandable pieces and his knowledge transfer process was fun, approachable, and practical.

- Eric Bakey

About Lee LeFever

Lee LeFever is the co-founder and creative director of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation.

He has been a professional explainer since 2007, when he and his wife Sachi became known as the pioneers of the explainer video genre.

Common Craft videos have earned over 50 million views and he has worked with the world's most respected brands, like LEGO, Intel, Google, Ford, and Microsoft.

Common Craft's library of original explainer videos is used by educators in over fifty countries.

Lee has taught explanation and media creation skills at the Explainer Academy since 2015.

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