"Your course on Readable Videos helped me get over a confidence block that I had when it came to creating learning videos. The methods taught in the course are so approachable and unintimidating
It’s turned me into someone who was terrified he’d be asked to make a video to someone who’s volunteering to create videos. Best of all: When my boss took a look at the results, she was blown away."
- Ray Ivey, Senior Technology Learning & Adoption Specialist 

The web is becoming more READABLE

Do you watch movies with captions on? What about reading what is said on social media videos? Captions and on-screen text are becoming a standard way to consume video.
Why? Because audio is disruptive in many situations. On-screen text makes videos consumable virtually anywhere.

Animated video production without the pain

With a bit of learning, you can turn presentation software (Google Slides, PowerPoint) into a platform for creating animated videos. No special software, no equipment, no complicated editing.

A different approach to video

Readable Videos do not have a voiceover or narration. This is what makes the videos easy to create and consume.

Bring boring data to life

Readable Videos are a new way to present data and information. Turn a spreadsheet, chart, graph, presentation, process or policy into an animated video that gets attention.

Everything you need

The production method we teach is simple. However, designing Readable Videos to be effective and accessible requires a bit of instruction. We'll walk you through every part of the process.

Online Self-Paced Course

Readable Videos Explained (2m 30s)

Professionals Love this Course

"Two weeks after taking this course, I’m using Readable Videos in job support and training for my organization. The time I invested in the course was very well spent."

- Dawn Weiman, Library Trainer

"I am able to create instructional videos without the hassle of voiceover, multiple retakes, or special software. I have already created/shared a readable video and have several others in mind."

- Jean Potter, Content Specialist

"Briefly, this course is a gem. It is packed with useful techniques, best practices, and tips to create Readable Videos that are clear, concise, engaging, and accessible using common, simple tools.

- Tracie Seale 

"All educators have a need for this type of instruction. Much-needed. Well-conceived. Well-done."

- Jane Englert, Teacher

"This course takes you from zero to hero with the 'why' as well as the 'how'. No new applications to learn, and no expensive equipment to buy; use what you probably already have."

- Sam L. (UK)

"You'll learn how to create your video from scratch, from getting inspiration, organizing your ideas, writing the script, and finally creating your video!"

- Lisa Platova

Online Self-Paced Course