Readable Videos Explained in 2.5 minutes

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Professionals ❤️ the Course

"Two weeks after taking this course, I’m using Readable Videos in job support and training for my organization. The time I invested in the course was very well spent."
- Dawn Weiman, Library Trainer

"Having just completed the Readable Videos course, now I am now able to create instructional videos without the hassle of voiceover, multiple retakes, or special software."
- Jean Potter, Content Specialist

"All educators have a need for this type of instruction. Much-needed. Well-conceived. Well-done."
- Jane Englert, Teacher

"This course takes you from zero to hero with the 'why' as well as the 'how'. No new applications to learn, and no expensive equipment to buy; use what you probably already have.
- Sam L. (UK)

"You'll learn how to create your video from scratch, from getting inspiration, organizing your ideas, writing the script, and finally creating your video!"
- Lisa Platova

Meet Lee

Lee LeFever is the co-founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation.

He has been a professional explainer since 2007, when he and his wife, Sachi, became known as the pioneers of the explainer video genre.

Common Craft videos have earned over 50 million views and he has worked with the world's most respected brands, like LEGO, Intel, Google, Ford, and Microsoft.

Common Craft's library of original explainer videos is used by educators in over fifty countries.

Get a head start using AI and ChatGPT for your videos

Watch a Presentation

The video below was recorded as a part of the launch of Readable Videos courses. It's 28 minutes long and provides a useful overview of the concept, use cases, production method, and a tour of the comprehensive course.

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