testimonials for Lee LeFever

15 Years of Experience

Lee pioneered the explainer video genre in 2007

- 100s of explainer videos produced at Common Craft
- Over 50 million video views
- Author of The Art of Explanation (Translated into 6 languages)
- Clients include: Google, Intel, Microsoft, Ford, Dropbox, LEGO
- International speaker
- Aspiring fisherman, gardener, and landscaper

Who is this for?

Lee's coaching is aimed at professionals and small teams who would like to develop clear explanations as a part of a communication strategy. This could include:
  • Training and instructional design
  • Marketing
  • HR and policy
  • Technical fields
  • Social media
Lee's coaching will add a valuable new skill to your toolkit.

About Lee

Lee LeFever is known around the world for his explanation skills.

He grew up in North Carolina and moved to Seattle in 1998 to pursue a career in technology. He soon came face-to-face with the communication problems that plague the industry. In 2003 he founded Common Craft as a consulting company and began working on explanations of tools like wikis, blogs, and social networking.

In 2006 his wife, Sachi, joined Common Craft and they started creating explainer videos using paper cut-outs on a whiteboard (Sachi's idea). These videos are now known as the first explainer videos of the YouTube era.

Since then, Lee and Sachi have continued to practice and teach the skill of explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of coaching?

The starting engagement of three one-hour sessions for an individual is $799. Team pricing depends on the number of participants.

At this time, coaching is only offered as part of the Explainer Coaching Bundle.

What is the outcome of the coaching?

You will work with Lee to develop of script of up to 500 words that explains your idea, product, or service. The script can be used to develop marketing messages, talking points, or an animated explainer video.

Will I need any special software or equipment?

No. The coaching occurs via online meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams). We will develop the script via a shared online document.

How does scheduling work?

The coaching sessions are organized around milestones. Before each milestone, Lee will send an email invitation that allows you to select a time that works for you.

What if I want to keep working with Lee on explainer videos?

Lee is available for coaching on an hourly basis. His hourly rate is $250 per hour, per person. Work on an explainer video will be negotiated separately.

Questions? Email lee [at] commoncraft [dot] com