Why did that presentation take so long? Why do leaves fall in the autumn? Why doesn’t this math equation add up?

Every day we’re asked for explanations, or we find opportunities to help someone understand something new. It’s part of being a professional. We are all explainers from time to time.

But there are times when an explanation deserves special attention. These explanations have the power to change minds, influence decisions and earn attention. These are called high-impact explanations and they require a specific set of skills and approaches to be effective.

For example:

Imagine you’re a software developer and you’ve developed a revolutionary new feature for your company’s product. Now your goal is to get support from the company so you can make the feature a reality.

But there’s a problem. The feature is complex and difficult to understand. The only way the project will get funded is if executives can truly understand and appreciate the idea and its potential results. This situation requires a high-impact explanation. To get it right, you’ll need to develop new skills designed to help you achieve your goal through clear, understandable communication.

Or imagine you’re a junior member of a team and seeking a promotion. Your manager is new to the team and is still getting a handle on all the people and positions. You’ve worked hard and your reviews are good.

But that’s not enough. To be offered a new position, the new manager needs to have a different level of understanding regarding you and your capabilities. To get there, you’ll need to approach the opportunity with a high-impact explanation. This way, your amazing work can be appreciated by providing a new way for your manager to see and understand your capabilities and potential.

Simply put, high-impact explanations are designed to solve a specific problem or achieve a specific goal.

Unlike the everyday explanations we provide off-the-cuff, high-impact explanations are a powerful tool we plan and execute with care. Their power is rooted in a set of communication skills that can be learned and developed. With these skills in place, any idea or subject can be transformed into information that’s impossible to misunderstand.

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