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We believe:
- Explanation is a skill that can be developed and improved.
- Improved explanation skills can be a competitive advantage for organizations and individuals.
- Brief animated videos can bring explanations to life and make them sharable.

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- Are your customers confused about a new feature or product?
- Do your organization's policies and processes need better explanations?
- Are your students bored and ready to learn from animated videos?

We've been professional explainers since 2007. Our goal is to help you communicate with amazing clarity.

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"Our organization has benefited immensely from your excellent training resources. The Explainer Academy has been foundational in how we approach the integration of video with education content."

- Dave Nolette, Justice Education Society
Lee LeFever

Meet Lee

Lee LeFever is the co-founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation.

He has been a professional explainer since 2007, when he and his wife Sachi became known as the pioneers of the explainer video genre.

Common Craft videos have earned over 50 million views and he has worked with the world's most respected brands, like LEGO, Intel, Google, Ford, and Microsoft.

Common Craft's library of original explainer videos is used by educators in over fifty countries.