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"The Explainer Academy couldn't have done a better job of creating "just right" size pieces to give me a sense of accomplishment and lots to process. Great explaining!

- Bob Rosen

"The Explainer Academy taught me real, tangible skills that make me a better collaborator and leader."

- Kalpita Kothary, Co-owner & Engineer, Minky

"This is world-class thinking combined with decades of experience on the how's, why's and wherefore's of becoming a better explainer."

- Darren Barefoot, Capulet

"Lee LeFever truly makes difficult concepts click with his knowledgeable approach to explainer animations."

- Kalid Azad, Founder, BetterExplained.com

"I'm constantly trying to explain new pieces of technology, business models, or both, to everyone from customers to investors. The Explainer Academy gave me great techniques to match the right explanation with the right audience."

- Boris Mann, Founder, SCALE

"I've known Lee LeFever and Common Craft for years. No one is more qualified to teach explanation."

- Chris Savage, CEO, Wistia

"Everyone should take these courses! They provide a common ground - including new tools and vocabulary - to help you teach, learn, and be a better communicator overall."

- Anastasia Fuller, Content Strategist, Juxtaprose

"Lee is an absolute master in the art of explanation. I've learned and stolen so much from him, and you should, too!"

- Austin Kleon, New York Times bestselling author of Steal Like An Artist

"Lee and Common Craft helped us explain Dropbox to millions of people."

- Drew Houston, CEO, Dropbox

"I've been following Lee's work since 2007. No one is better at crafting concise and clear explanations of complex topics. His work is proof that there is an art to explanation and he has mastered it."

- Richard Byrne, FreeTechforTeachers.com

"No one makes fuzzy concepts as crystal clear as Lee. In learning from him, you'll also get a warm fuzzy - and of course, that part's free.

- Sunni Brown, Best-Selling Author and Chief Infodoodler, SB Ink